Development platform for STM32 micro-controller with Ethernet


The AIM-Kit2: a universal platform

Many researchers and developers need to validate their concepts on an electronic platform. If it is reusable it is better.

When we created this compact kit for ARM Cortex M7, we added a 2x32 points break out connector  (Europe format). Its pins are connected to the micro-controller’s GPIOs  which can be configured easily using a wizard in µOne.

Thus the AIM-Kit2 becomes a universal platform that can serve for several different tests. The developer benefits from the power of ST’s F7 and 42 GPIOs for his experiments. He just has to connect his/her prototype to the extension connector.

The AIM-Kit2 is equipped with an STM32F767NIH6: 2 MB flash , 512 KB sram , 4KB sram, 8 MB sdram, 16 MB Quad-SPI Flash, micro SD Card, Ethernet, USB, RS232, CAN, SPI, 4,3’’ 480x272 pixels touch screen, debug AIM-LinkH.

The developer has a full range of Eclipse based software tools plus the Agilia workshop, based on the concept of function blocks, to develop his/her HMI applications which all adds up to a highly user-friendly environment for creating projects.

With the AIM-Kit2, we offer a professional and economical solution.

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