Development platform for STM32 micro-controller with Ethernet

The AIM-Kit2: a universal platform

Many researchers and developers need to validate their concepts on an electronic platform. If it is reusable all the better!

« When we created this compact kit for ARM Cortex M7, we added a 2x32 points break out connector (Europe format). Its pins are connected to the micro-controller’s GPIOs which can be configured easily using a wizard in µOne. »

Thus the AIM-Kit2 becomes a universal platform that can serve for several different tests. The developer benefits from the power of ST’s F7 and 42 GPIOs for his experiments. He just has to connect his/her prototype to the extension connector.

The AIM-Kit2 is equipped with:

  • STM32F767NIH6 CPU,  2 MB flash, 512 KB sram and 4KB sram for the backup
  • 8 MB SDRAM, 16 MB Quad-SPI Flash, MMC 2GB, micro SD Card
  • Communications: Ethernet, USB, RS232, CAN and SPI
  • For the user interface: 3 LEDs, 1 user button, buzzer, potentiomètre, 4,3’’, 480x272 pixels colour touch screen

The developer has a full range of Eclipse based software tools plus the Agilia workshop, based on the concept of function blocks, to develop his/her HMI applications which all adds up to a highly user-friendly environment for creating projects.

With the AIM-Kit2, we offer a professional and economical solution.

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