Specialist STM32

Training code : STM32_2j_FR

“Mastering the design of a product using an STM32 micro-controller is a major asset, this professional skill will be needed for many years.”

Real-time programming for STM32 with ARM Cortex-M core
With over 42 years of experience in embedded systems and their programming, you can benefit from AIM’s experience as a software editor to accelerate the develoment of your applications on STM32.

You will learn how to:
• Understand and use the DevTools™ Real Time Core we call μRTS, to respect your  STM32 project’s execution speed, connectivity, memory optimization and

Implement the STM32 and its peripherals with intuitive tools to easily develop ergonomic solutions using HMIs and embedded websites.
• Simulate your applications and work online on the target (remotely using TCP/IP and wireless solutions).
Use a file system to archive and send/receive data to a server or cloud.

DATES for 2019 in MEYLAN :

  • 26 & 27 November 2019
  • 28 & 29 January 2020


  •  Online STM32
  • Agilia Intuitive Automation™


N° 82 38 05675 38

Practical exercises:
Each participant has a two-screen PC with DevTools ™, an AIM-Link debug probe (SWD) and an STM32F7 core-M7 based evaluation board. Our training is essentially based on practical exercises

Who should attend
This course is intended for development engineers and technicians who want to realize projects incorporating Ethernet communications, HMIs or embedded websites using a real-time kernel.
Basic knowledge of micro-controller development is essential.

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1.0 DevTools™ – Develop 10 x faster on STM32 :

  • Successfully develop on a STM32 target with ARM Cortex-M core
  • Discover the services and APIs of the devTools software suite

1.1 Implementation of STM32 architecture with μOne:

  • Introducing μOne and its plug-ins, based on the Eclipse IDE

Practical workshop:

  • Setting up a bare-metal project: system + startup (main.c)
  • Systick use and configuration exercises
  • RCC Configuration (HSE, HSI and PLL Clocks) and STM32 Devices
  • Compilation, debug of the application by the AIM-Link probe (SWD)
  • Exercises on GPIOs and EXTI (interruptions). Use of the RTC

1.2 Develop using function blocks and widgets (HMI)

  • Introduction to the Agilia Intuitive Automation™ Programming Workshop
  • Create GUIs and integrate the graphics engine into the target
  • Simulate your applications directly on PC or work online on the target
  • Integration of the functional block instantiation engine on a STM32 microcontroller

Practical workshop:

  • Using the simulator with the implementation of a mathematical model
    (Floating Calculation, Sinusoid, PID) with a plot of curves.
  • Device management exercises (GPIO, ADC / DAC) in different contexts: acquisition, regulation and communications (UART, SMS)
  • Generation of PWM signals and display on a touch screen

* A theme can be agreed upon between participants. Other exercises can be
treated according to the clients needs.


2.0 Getting started with the real-time kernel, μRTS :

  • Presentation of the μRTS kernel, task descriptor and semaphores, Mutexes, Time-slice, preemption and task stack management
  • Use the functional block instantiation engine of Agilia Intuitive Automation ™ with real-time processes to create new function blocks with the Macros tool.

Practical workshop:

  • Implementation and initialization of the μRTS kernel on an STM32 target
  • Creation of a system using periodic, continuous and time-sharing tasks
  • Inter-task synchronization exercises with semaphores (Producers, consumers)
  • Using the multithreaded μRTS Debugger with the AIM-Link Probe (SWD)
  • Combining real-time services with programming  using functional blocks to create specific applications

2.1 Embedded website and data archiving on STM32:

  • Overview of the TCP/IP protocol layers (Web, HTTP,  SMTP email)
  • Create an embedded website, simulate it and integrate it on an STM32 target
  • Know how to create a file system to archive and transfer your data

Practical workshop:

  • Creation and management of embedded website and archiving data in a real-time multitasking context
  • Using the IP Stack (Web, HTTP, SMTP) when creating of an embedded website
  • Exercises: saving files (curves), displaying archives on the HMI and sending data to a server


Develop efficiently on the STM32 rang