To create an embedded website in a few clicks

AIM’s Web User Interface (WebUI) is a tremendous technological innovation for the world of connected objects. It allows to create the pages of an embedded website without writing any JavaScript, SSH, PHP or Ajax. Just drag and drop “Web Widgets” on programming pages. In a few clicks you can create your embedded website!

The WebUI is a new feature of Agilia, AIM’s graphical programming platform. Agilia makes it possible to design, prototype and simulate applications and to quickly design embedded websites thanks to its Web-Widgets and the WebUI tool.

This innovation exploits the Agilia instantiation engine concept and optimizes the memory size occupied by the embedded website. The advantages for the developer are doubled: the embedded website can be created in a few clicks and, at the same time, the memory footprint is minimized.

The WebUI is the quickest and easiest way to interact with your application from within a browser.




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